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Sodium propionate

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Name of product Sodium propionate  
CAS 137-40-6 INS 281
Structural formula   Molecular Formula C3H5NaO2
nature White crystalline, granular or crystalline powder; odorless or slightly acetic acid-butyric acid. 1g This product is soluble in about 1mL25°C water, 24mL ethanol。
Quality Standard     standard      project GB25549-2010 BP2012 FCCV USP35 EP7.0
Content (dry basis) 99.0-100.5% 99.0-101% 99.0-100.5% 99.0-100.5% 99.0-101%
Moisture ≤1.0% ≤0.5% ≤1.0% ≤1.0% ≤0.5%
Water insoluble matter ------ Clear, colorless -------- -------- Clear, colorless
10% solution PH ------ 7.8--9.2 -------- -------- 7.8--9.2
arsenic(As2O3) ≤3 mg/kg -------- -------- -------- --------
Heavy metal (Pb) ≤4 mg/kg ≤10ppm ≤2 mg/kg ≤0.001% ≤10ppm
Iron (Fe) ≤0.003% ≤10ppm ≤0.003% -------- ≤10ppm
Alkalinity(Na2CO3) through experiments -------- ≤0.15% through experiments --------
The main purpose It has special effects on preventing the production of aflatoxin, various molds, and gram-negative bacilli, but it is almost ineffective against yeast.   EEC regulations can be used for dairy products, bakery products, cheese, etc. It is also used as a sticky substance inhibitor for beer and the like. In the food industry as leavening agents, dough conditioners, buffers, tissue modifiers, curing agents, nutritional supplements, chelating agents. Such as baked products, cake raising agent. Bread, biscuits, co-enzymes, buffers, pectin curing agent (gel effect), yeast food meat product tissue improver and so on. For brewing, increase saccharification and increase fermentation capacity。
Dosage Antibacterial effect is affected by the pH of the environment. The minimum inhibitory concentration was 0.01% at pH 5.0 and 0.5% at pH 6.5.
1. GB 2760-2011 (g/kg): pastry 2.5; soaked bayberry 30 to 50, impregnated with 3% to 5% aqueous solution, need to be washed before processing, with propionic acid.
2. FAO/WHO (1995): Processed cheese 3000 mg/kg.
package Net weight 25kg, paper-plastic composite bag or woven bag lined with PE bag, can also be customized according to customer requirements。
Storage Closed storage in a cool, dry and ventilated place, not mixed with toxic chemicals。

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