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About us

About us

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  Eton Food Co .,Ltd is situated in Tengzhou City , Shandong Province, China and is a professional producer and exporter of higher quality propionate salts,
Acetate salts and benzoate salts. As a member of China Food Additive Associate, we supply world-class quality calcium propionate, sodium propionate, calcium acetate and sodium benzoate to global market and gain good reputation . We have dedicated ourself to assure the food safty and protect the human and animal health .

  Our products can be used as food and feed preservatives. Every year , thousands tons of food and feed were faced the mildew threaten, in order to save the waste, Eton Food offers a solution with her good quality products and professional product development people . With the help of high-tech production line and know-how production facility , and strict production management policy, we can assure our customers to supply them with high quality and safety mildew inhibitors ,anti-bacteria ,and nutrition supplements.